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Just a little about me! As you know my name is Taam and I live in Texas with my family. They named their company after me and used my image as their logo because they love me a lot – big responsibility for me right!

I was born just before the Christmas holidays back in 2016 into the Strathunker Labrador Retriever Family (Inverurie, Scotland). A beautiful rural location with plenty of fresh air. I had brothers and sisters and a wonderful Ma & Pa (Scarra & Beck). I still get to see them online from time to time. Once a Strathunker lab always a Strathunker lab. My official name is “Strathunker She” but all who know me call me Taam with affection.

I was collected by my forever family on Valentines Day and I was introduced to my new big brother Oscar. He was a much older pup but still young at heart and I loved to teeth on any part of him I could grab. I returned the favour as he lost his sight and I guided him daily on walks along the beach and through the forest pathways. This was when my folks realized I loved helping others who just needed a cuddle and some furry comfort.

By this time we were living in Texas and I was trained and tested as a Therapy Dog for the Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs Group. I passed with flying colours and got to work visiting folks who were rehabilitating after surgery and in assisted living accommodations. Many of these folks I only got to visit with once and others I would see time and time again but no matter the time frame I always felt I made a huge difference to their days and brought a lot of smiles to many faces. We would even go into schools and universities to meet students before they had big exams to help keep them calm and collected so they could do their very best. I love my work.

Then it all came to a very sudden stop. My daily routine changed and I was struggling to keep my chin up. I became sad and withdrawn, my folks didn’t go to meet anyone, no one came to my home and I stopped visiting with the Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs. My folks tried to explain it to me but it all made no sense. So to share my image and pictures of other pups with folks that still needed a visit from a friendly lab, my family decided to start their homegrown business. I look forward to the day my work collar jingles again but this is a fun way I can reach so many more people out there who need a pups paws-itivity in their life.

I will get my person to send out a fun picture of me and add in a positive quote to give you an end of week uplift!

Looking forward to this new adventure with my family.

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  1. Jamie (& Cooper) on May 4, 2022 at 9:07 am

    Love your mission! Your website looks great and the products are perfect! Wishing you nothing but the best with this!