You can, you should, you will !

Howdy folks another beautiful day here and thanks for stopping by.

This has been a week full of meeting deadlines and reaching goals. Most of them were met with a big ole smile. Some unfortunately Mom and I just didn’t manage . Sometimes we can take on too much at once and for the first time in a very long time I heard my Mom say, “Sorry I just can’t manage that this week!”. It’s a rare thing but it happens once in a blue moon. If this happens to you just realize that you need to shift your goal posts a little to meet your own expectations first. This is not by any means a defeat it’s just about taking charge of what you can manage in the time that you have got .

If you are making plans for something in the future be sure and set fun and realistic goals , but at the same time don’t hold yourself back from dreaming a little too – that’s what gives us the drive and motivation to do it ! The summer holidays will soon be in full swing at my home and the day to day routines will get jiggled around a little. That’s all good with me as long as the folks remember to feed and walk me daily, I can roll with their summer goals.

So as I sit here by the goal posts in the playing fields I remind you all with heaps of positivity to have the courage to set your own goals be they big or small, and don’t be afraid to amend those goals as you go along.

Here’s a sweet quote from someone who really knows how to write :

You can, you should and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.

Stephen King

So have a wonderful day everyone and be proud of you always !!

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