Grow Your Own Scotch Pinetree




Yule {Pinus sylvestris} The Scotch Pine is an evergreen conifer with a pyramidal shape that will grow up to 60 feet tall with a 40 foot spread in a landscape setting. It will reach 7-8 feet in six to eight years. Scotch Pines hold their needles for up to four weeks after harvest and retain their fragrance throughout the season. Great gift idea to commemorate a special event or anniversary.

Like the old saying “A dog is not just for Christmas ” neither is a tree. In our family we have a tradition and with each new dog we welcome into our home we also plant  a tree for that dog.  It provides a place to sniff and as it grows it’s also a spot to grab some shade on a sunny day. Taam was a holiday new-born so it was just fitting she got this tree with her Scottish roots. Happy growing and making memories.

Includes: tree seed, coir seeding pot, OMRI listed soil, metal saucer, aluminum tag, jute bag, directions.


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