Summer Fun

summer Fun

Howdy folks,

Hope its been a fun summer for you wherever you might be. I have spent a large chunk of my summer with my humans in the mountains. It was a bit of a drive but so worth it . I just watched the world go by and snoozed off and on. Once the car stopped and we all could put our feet on firm ground my senses came to life. Mountain air has so much to offer. I felt refreshed and ready to go go go !

The trails were endless and I was in heaven – I had chipmunks, foxes and deer in my back yard and the occasional moose. Getting outside makes me feel like I’m at one with nature and the altitude really got my heart racing. I tried doggo ice cream for the first time ever and I liked it a lot . Even pups deserve a summer treat and what better than ice cream specially made for fur family like me . I even went up the mountains in a gondola and the views were spectacular. I love being in the mountains as I can walk any time of day and not restricted to early mornings and late evenings as I am in the heat of Texas. I could live here a while . That’s the beauty of summer it gives you time to spread your paws and dream a little beyond the norm.

Hope you have all had a summer filled with fun and made some great memories.

Here’s a little summer fun quote to help you welcome the weekend,

Sometimes having fun with your best friend is all the therapy you need

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