Just Roll With It…

Howdy folks,

so glad you made it through another busy week – someone has switched the heat up here in Texas and it is hot, hot, hot. My walks are getting earlier and earlier but I’m sure I heard someone in the house mention summer break – surely that must mean lazy days and longer sleeps? A dog never complains about another walk no matter the time of day so as the title says – just roll with it .

This leads me onto my adventures this week . What fun I had in the woods this week chasing bunnies and squirrels. The scent was easy to follow but they are way too fast for Texas Taam. Suddenly the most wonderful aroma filled my big wet nose , I was on a mission. I just had to find it….. and when I did you know what happens next …. I didn’t just roll with it I rolled in it !! I was so pleased with myself and I was a happy Lab. Mom did not share my joy and seemed quite upset that I had rolled in such a putrid prize and when we got home the garden hose was switched on straight away. Apparently I had to have the wonderful aroma removed. I really enjoy a bit of bath time and my folks really do a great massage with the Organic Pet Shampoo Bar – its got all natural ingredients that do not harm the natural oils in my shiny coat and its fragrance free which I like as the other shampoos for dogs make me sneeze. It works up a great lather and that wonderful scent I had picked up on my walk in the woods was washed away in no time (you can find it in my shop). My folks were happy the bad smell was gone but I know there’s always many more places to roll on future adventures – its a dogs life! My folks made a bit of a fuss about the bad smell but they were smiling all the while and I felt great after my pamper session – ready to face the weekend ahead – pawsome!!

When life gives you lemons…make lemonade & just roll with it (try not to roll in it!)

Quote from Taam 2021

Hope you enjoy my quote to roll you into a fun weekend

Living the Simple.Easy.Life

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  1. Andrew Toah on June 11, 2021 at 8:17 pm

    Love the post and the organic pet shampoo bar for dogs!